“Signature Care saved my family’s life. After my mom’s accident, they stepped in and were there for us day and night. I can’t describe how incredible they all were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lisa K

I dreaded having to get live-in care for my dad. He’s always prided himself on his independence, so I expected this to be really hard. But Signature made it easy. They sent us an outstanding companion, who seemed to really understand what a major step this was for my dad. Thank you, all of you. May you be blessed.
Ester F
I highly recommend Signature Care. My elderly dad got ill, and my mom was too weak to take care of him. Although I did as much as I could, I knew I needed help. Signature provided it. Their aides are kind and very professional. I’m truly grateful.
Sam M.

Signature Care conducts ongoing Quality Assurance/Integrity monitoring of our caregivers and services against pre-established criteria and standards of excellence.   This thorough monitoring process includes:

 Tangible evidence of accountability to patients/clients, family members and the public, and validation that care is being provided as planned and required.

Proven and demonstrated dedication and commitment through ongoing quality assurance and integrity monitoring of services, care givers and the overall program.

Client/family satisfaction surveys.

It’s all part of our partnership in care: after all, we consider the patient and family part of our team.